Monday, December 6, 2010

Break from Tradition

I spent the last 11 days in Taiwan. My brother needed some new shots for his Facebook/blog so I helped him out. I didn't travel with any of my cameras so we shot this with his Samsung EX1/TL500 (I'm not really sure which one it was).

This was shot a la Terry Richardson/Juergen Teller style with the pop-up flash. Then I remastered it in Photoshop. Yes, when you say "remastered" it sounds much better than "retouch" :)

I've said this before but capture devices these days are awesome. This Samsung camera has an APS sized sensor and packs a whopping 10MP and great low-light capture. The cameras are so good these days that it's almost a non-issue what you use.

But no camera can take the image you see below and make it what you see above. What I've done is not an "effect". It's not a "filter". It's not a Nix software. It's 6 customized adjustment layers. It's what separates one photographer from another.


  1. Hi Charles.

    I was born in Taiwan, but live in Cape Town, South Afrian. I'm trying to teach myself photography.

    Not a fan of Teller/Richardson style myself, but I can see the merit.

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog and follow your Flickr photostream. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks bud! :) Hope I can keep you entertained :P Cheers and keep up the hard work!