Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A win's a win

On the eve of the Lakers' third game against the Celtics, all I ask is for us to score 1 more point against the other team.

Because a win is a win.

Similarly Nicole Lah; fashion stylist, makeup artist, and now magazine editor all-in-wonder gave me the honor of featuring my work in the debut edition of
FASlife Magaine.

I loved this shoot with Melissa. It will always be one of my favorite shoots of all time. There are just times when things "click" and everything works exactly as it's supposed to or better than you thought it would. I specifically remember saying, "There's no way to light Melissa wrong. I can't seem to get a bad shot of her!

Without further ado!


  1. Hey Charles, congrats! What a series...really love the play with shadows on the top photos.