Friday, June 25, 2010


Roxy H3DII-31 1/800th f/6.3 ISO100 @80mm. Beauty dish from upper camera left and reflector board from camera right.

Had a few minutes here in Singapore and decided to retouch this picture of Roxy. This was one of those shoots that I felt inspired and like I was growing throughout the shoot. I should thank my MUA Jen Evans for providing the amazing wardrobe and inspiration for the shoot. Rochelle was a great sport and brought the wardrobe to life.

So what did I do differently this time?

I pushed my composition throughout the shoot and tried to provide a variety of perspectives that I haven't tried before. Secondly, I focused more on the angles of the face that would provide proper shadows to create good shots. Retouching, I felt that the lips were such a big draw that I kept the coloring in the lips while desaturating the rest of the image. Of course the glasses with the broken glass and the chains were provided the other focus for the image. I cropped the image at 6x7 because I felt that this was a better crop than the original 6x4.5 crop which was already better than the traditional 35mm 6x4 crop. Cropping of my images has changed a lot recently as a result of psychologically breaking out of the traditional out-of-box aspect ratio.

Anyway, here's a variation of the first image I retouched.

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