Monday, March 8, 2010

Nikon D3S FTW!

The Nikon D3S and the EOS-1D MKIV were put to the test by two pros. Ever since hearing about their release, I've wanted to know "Who's going to win the high-ISO battle?" The following is an excerpt:

"What's clear from the test is that the Nikon D3s has the best high ISO performance of any camera on the market, hands down. It bests the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV by at least 1 stop, and even beats the Nikon D700, which has the same sensor and ISO performance of the original Nikon D3."



  1. A 12.1mp full frame sensor beats a 16mp 1.3 crop sensor and you're surprised..?

    What's MORE surprising is it's ONLY 1 stop. If Canon manage to produce a >16mp full frame camera and match the nikons noise control, which isn't entirely impossible as the 22mp 5d MKII has decent noise control for it's age, then the fight is back on.

    I look forward to the 1ds MK4

  2. We can only speculate what Canon can or can not do. All I'm saying is that as of right now this is the king of the high-ISO cameras :)

    And I look forward to the D6 ;)