Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't come shy...

It's my motto for working with models...

It's also my motto for how you should live life...

When I first started, I suppose it didn't matter if you came shy or not... I was happy the model if the model showed up at all.

These days, just "showing up" isn't good enough. You'd better be prepared to give it all that you've got. If you want hateful music to push you out of the box, alcohol... hell I can even make you cry if you want (ooh that gives me an idea).

Don't come and give me the same crap that you've already given 100 other photographers. Inspire me. I'm fueled by inspiration. Sure there were 3 weeks when I almost drowned in shoots/retouching but I'm back and I'm hungrier than ever.

Impress me. Inspire me. Evoke an emotional response from me.

1 comment:

  1. yes. 100%. Thank you. I'm just getting started on this trip but I know the feeling. Don't show up with a blank stare on your face and have nothing in your bag. Be Dynamic, experiment and know what music you want playing.