Monday, September 21, 2009

Mara F: Commercial Beauty

This shot was taken during the last set of the shoot. The setup was simple and virtually impossible to show you unless I had another camera to record. (20 minutes later) Well I figured that the iPhone could be of some use in this situation so I popped a shot of the setup that I used to shoot this picture:

The only difference was that instead of shooting with a 22" beauty dish, I mounted a 12"x36" softbox on the AB800 for softer effects. Also, the background is grey in this picture. Otherwise the setup is the same with the SB-800 mounted in the Ray Flash ringflash adapter providing fill lighting.

Speaking of the grey background, it's extremely useful. Depending on the distance from the light source it can really range from light grey to very dark grey (almost black). The color is called "Fashion Grey" and is produced by Savage. From the shade of grey that it provides, I do recognize it from all the magazines as it provides a nice yet subtle background for focusing on the model.

I love this picture of Mara because it was probably a transitional pose that I caught in the middle between two other poses. The fact that she pulled off this pose was quite impressive as the balance seems to be very delicate. We had the
industrial fan on for half of the set, turning it on and off intermittently when needed. Overall it was a unique experience because these days when I do shoots against a solid colored background, I usually light with background lights, hair lights, kicker/rim lights, etc. The austerity of this set was different and thus the look and feel was unique to my typical work. But do I have a "typical work" look?

Camera info: D3, 24-70mm f/2.8G, 1/200th, f/9, 48mm, ISO200

Strobist info: 22" beauty dish in AB800. SB-800 with Ray Flash ringflash adapter mounted. Triggered by Cactus V4

Model/wardrobe: Mara F.

Makeup: Nikki Marshall

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