Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Softness of Glamour

Up until recently I've only only explored a small part of that which I call glamour. As a little bit of history, when I first started getting into studio photography it was all about creating edgy, hard, high-contrast, punchy pictures. This picture quintessentially marks the beginning of that discovery:

Since then however, I've been "looking around". I've been looking at the work of my peers, my idols, and others around me and I suddenly realized that I've only merely scratched the surface as far as what I think I know about glamour photography. There's so much more that can be done that I can try.

As a result, I've gone back to previous shoots and with this new perspective, post-processed some old frames differently. Here are the results:

There's a significant decrease in the exposure difference between highlights and shadows in these post-processed pictures. I processed these for a more traditional glamour look that expresses a more natural and softer feel (and lighting) than the original images for the same sets. The skin was ultra-processed for retaining natural skin texture while promoting flawlessness. Each picture probably took me on average 2 hours to produce with most of my time spent addressing the texture and flawlessness of the skin and very little time promoting highlights and shadows.

You can read more about these individual pictures here and here.

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