Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lasko Pro Performance High Velocity Utility Fan

Definitely one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in my studio is the addition of the Lasko Pro Performance High Velocity Utility fan (say that fast 3 times!). Purchased from the Home Depot, the Lasko fan is great for drying paint, circulating air at incredible velocities in large rooms, and last but not least blowing hair.

While I was initially unsure whether the fan would be as natural as an outdoor breeze for blowing hair, I am now assured that it is more than capable of doing so. Furthermore the power and directionality of the fan provides for function over a variety of distances. At the lowest (of 3) setting(s), it is more than capable of moving hair naturally at 6 feet. In fact at the lowest setting, it can still more than blow out a model's contacts if moved too close.

As it's in the name of the fan, the Lasko "Utility" fan is also great for keeping the photographer cool during sets that don't require the use of the fan on the model. I work up a sweat on every shoot and having the fan pointed towards me makes me a cool and happy photographer, the byproduct of which is more patience towards my lights and what not.

Overall for the price, highly recommended for all uses!

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