Monday, October 26, 2015

L U C I M A | Podcast | If Your Life Were a Movie: Special Guest Charles Lucima

This is episode 2 of the LUCIMA Podcast series, "If You're Life Were a Movie".

Everyone has a story to tell. Human stories about change, transformation and often redemption. Through real life story arcs, our special guests explain how they became who they are today. Join us for an inside look into some amazing stories.

In this podcast the roles are reversed and Keith Carhill interviews fashion photographer and podcast host Charles Lucima. Charles' movie is called, "Redefining the Rules", "Starting My Life" and/or "Overtime". He talks about how his early life influences instilled illusions of success and destiny; illusions that ultimately prevented him from creating and realizing his own visions and dreams. It wasn't until one fateful morning in January 2009 that Charles (in his own words) died in a surfing accident. This is the story of how Charles decided to finally take control and responsibility of his own life.

Learn more about Charles and his latest projects here:

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