Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Git R Done!

"How involved are you with model development ? What do you say to a model when you want her to work a certain way to achieve a look such as from your editorial portfolio?"

I say, "Git R Done!"


The question presumes that words make the model to move/pose in a certain way to create my images.


This question is the equivalent of asking a director of a movie that receives an Academy Award for "best actor in a leading role", "What do you say to an actor when you want her to act in a certain way that wins an Oscar?"


So it's NOT the words. Sure, I'm not silent during shoots. But you can't make champagne out of lemons.

But I feel like this is something I might have said before. So I'm going to call in the cavalry:

I follow with 4 posts on Model Interaction:
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Now. Assuming you've read all of that and want more. Well, there's a webinar just for you aptly titled Model Direction/Interaction Rebroadcast.

And if you've gone through all of that and still want more? :) Then we gotta talk in person!

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