Friday, October 26, 2012

The Eve of the Malibu Workshop

It's been about 6 months since my last group workshop and tomorrow is the big event. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the workshop photographers! 

As I put together the curriculum for the workshop I realized that what I was really assembling was my process for how any one of my images happen, from start to finish.

Basically you can take any of the pictures you see on my tumblr or website and I will be explaining the entire train of thought from concept to post-process. The real meat of the process lies in the selection of background, lighting, location, angles, etc. It's one big moving puzzle that I will be breaking down in detail. Sounds complicated and it is. But I have a formula for photographers to replicate that will really help break down a shot into bite-size pieces. So it's never overwhelming. And always repeatable.

After all, if it's not repeatable what good is it?

Excited about the talented makeup artists I get to work with. Kathleen Ty and Lesley Feliz are both awesome MUAs. Tiffani Chynel will be styling. When Tiffani's onboard I don't have to think about style. I can step back and let her do her thing which is reassuring from a photographer's standpoint. Especially for a group workshop, I need to be as hands off as possible! And of course my right and left hand Ren Lara and Rodney Alan. They're in all of my productions. From workshops to podcasts to cameo appearances in videos!

And the models. Who can forget the models? A solid cast of girls that I've worked with in the past who appear on my tumblr. I won't get into names but you'll recognize them as they appear in the behind-the-scenes pictures!

I hope I'll have time to snap a few tomorrow! Chances are they'll appear on the team's Instagrams, twitters, and Facebooks!

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