Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sony NEX-7 Review: Mythbuster

Summers. NEX-7 with kit lens.

Y'all cray cray if you think that the NEX-7 can take the place of your D700 or 5DMII.

I've been running some conversations over at the LUCIMA Workshop FB page and I want to dispel some myths that seem to run amuck regarding the NEX-7.

Myth #1: The NEX-7 has amazing dynamic range so you can shoot 18-stop outdoor shots with no fill-lighitng whatsoever. Bullshit. Let me be honest with you. I can't tell if my NEX-7 has more dynamic range than my D3 or my 7D. Yes it has more dynamic range than my iPhone4 but everything has more DR than an iPhone4. The important question you should ask is, "Will this change the way I shoot?" And the answer is, "If you own a decent DSLR, no". The NEX-7 does not bend the laws of physics. It does not revolutionize dynamic range. It's a Bayer sensor like any other. It registers marginally and I do mean MARGINALLY more dynamic range than most sensors. Enough to notice a difference? Nope.

Conclusion? Unless your name is you're not going to notice a difference in dynamic range. White paper ain't real life.

Myth #2: The NEX-7 is so small that I can shoot models anywhere without attracting any attention! You sir are mistaken if you thought anyone was looking at you to begin with. Sure, you're not incognito sporting a 5DMII with a grip and a 70-200mm lens mounted, but don't you think your scantily clad model rocking 6" heels is attracting just a teeny tiny bit more attention than you? I mean if you're shooting dogs or models that look like dogs, then yes your limiting (attention) factor is your camera. But you don't shoot dogs do you?

Conclusion? The only benefit from shooting small form factor cameras like the NEX-7 is smaller forearms so you stop looking like Popeye.

Myth #3: The NEX-7 can totally replace my 5DMII/D700. Sure it can... until you need a higher ISO, faster glass, bigger buffer, faster (memory) cards, better AF, vertical grip, better/faster control over aperture/shutter/ISO/focus-point, faster transfers, did I miss anything? Oh and a more "honest" camera back display because the NEX-7 display lies like a crack whore.

Conclusion? Go ahead and sell your 5DMII/D700. Just make sure you have that money on standby when you decide you need to buy back your 5DMII/D700.

Myth #4: The NEX-7 will allow me to take better pictures. Absolutely! If by "better pictures" you mean "the same shitty pictures I've been taking all this time" then yes you can! You can take "better pictures". Let me see if I can put this in layman's terms. It's. just. a. camera. Sure there are little bells and whistles that some other cameras may not have. But it doesn't pose your model. It doesn't do Photoshop. It doesn't sprinkle crack on your victim for you when you need to make a getaway. All it does is record a mostly honest images.

Conclusion? Don't forget to sprinkle crack on your victims before you make your getaway. If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to watch this.

Are there more myths? Sure there are. When I think of more I'll create another "Mythbuster" post :)

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  1. Charles,
    you are one funny guy... Love the Chappelle reference..

    And your Myth busting on that camera.. I cant believe that anyone would argue that the NEX any model would compare to Canon and Nikon, who have been running the show in the SLR market for years..

    Now if you want to sell your gear and buy a Phase one AFD and the IQ series backs then we can talk..

    Thanks for keeping it real!


    Aven D