Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Corruption II

It's funny, with a title like "Corruption" you'd think I'd be talking about the philosophical corruption of the soul or how the industry is corrupt or we're corrupting young girls by feeding them eating disorders.


This is a followup to Corruption.

Opened up one of my full TIFFs with layers yesterday and found this:

It's supposed to look like this:

As usual the layers in this file are flattened (though they were not flattened when saved).

Oh and my flattened version of this file (also a TIFF) is also corrupted. It has nothing to do with the layers.

I haven't had this kind of file corruption since the original post. I previously suspected bad sectors on my SSD. Now I believe I have a better idea of what's going on.

In each incidence of this type of file corruption, I had several open PS files. In each case I discovered this problem after moving from either my home office to the studio or vice versa. Photoshop is either not happy with sleeping on open files OR it's not happy with attaching different displays when there are open files. The odd color shifting seems like it might have something to do with color profile attachments. But it could be something else entirely.

The irony is I just recently stopped saving duplicates of the TIFFs (full-layered and flattened) to save time. But now I suspect that the duplicates would also be corrupted because I believe the corruption happens during the save. The strange thing is that immediately after saving the TIFF to Lr and exporting a web-sized JPEG to the desktop, the export file is intact revealing no cause for alarm. But now when I examine the same file in Lr, it reveals that it's corrupted. Exporting this file also reveals a corrupted export. Not sure why that is.

Without doing extensive tests on the situational variables involved, I don't think I'll be able to figure out exactly what causes the corruption. But I suspect there's something going on with Photoshop and its ability to render files correctly either after sleep/hibernating and/or when connecting different displays while files are open.

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  1. I recently experienced similar looking corrupted files, but in my case they were corrupted coming right from the memory card. I tried a different card with the same results. So, realizing it was actually the camera body, I took it in for repair. It turned out that the pins which connect to the card had worked loose.

    Obviously your case is different, even though the corruption looks about the same. I have never experienced this, but I also never save as TIFF. I always save files in progress as PSDs. I can't fathom it having anything to do with changing displays.

    Maybe someone at Adobe can shed some light in the problem?