Thursday, August 11, 2011


The days get longer and more drawn out with the things that I do and it leaves me blog-less. This bodes poorly for the future of this blog but here's a snapshot into my life.

I was sitting with a client yesterday and when I clicked on some edited images from Lr to show, the images suddenly shifted to a transformed, wrong color, whacky corrupted version of the original file. No amount of restarting, rebooting, etc. would do the trick. Even the full TIFF files with all the layers intact were corrupt. Backups were NOT made of these files most likely because they were corrupt and even if the backups were made, the backups themselves would be bad too.

What happened?

I had been editing a video for a few days (okay over a week) and I suspect that as my page file grew to over 16GB large, and the system started slowing down and becoming very taxed with After Effects, Lr, and PS being open all at the same time, that the saving of the files that I had been working on somehow got messed up. I conclude it's not a disk issue because I verified the disk and it checks out okay. Furthermore other than those 3 files that were corrupted, nothing else is bad. After getting the massive video project done, I rebooted and removed that chunk of data off my drives and my files save just fine.

I can only conclude that those 3 files were affected because of some glitch in the system and regardless of how disheartening that situation is, I should be happy it's just 3 files. In all honesty it was about 1 hour's worth of work. Here are 2 of the files I lost. This is all I recovered (a web-size image) of the files.

What could I have done differently? Well for starters when I looked at the full TIFF files, they were much smaller than the other full TIFF files in my folder. Less the 1/2 the size so that's an indicator that not all the marbles are there. Secondly maybe I shouldn't be working off a 16GB page file. That being said, it's unlike Mac OS to screw up like this up. Perhaps it's a Adobe thing as well as an OSX thing.

I have since re-examined my backup solution and ensured that they are working correctly. As my vault grows larger, I will be needing a more backup space shortly.

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