Monday, August 15, 2011

LUCIMA Business Photography Workshop

I've been wanting to do this workshop for a long time and I'm currently putting together the presentation material on it and it's a doozie! :)

Seriously, who says "It's a doozie!" anymore???

And what the hell's a doozie?

Apparently it comes from a reference to the Deusenburg automobile which in its day was one of the biggest and most impressive cars on the road. Doozie is short for Deusenburg. Reference.


Anyway. The business workshop is a followup to my Working with Modeling Agencies Workshop and will tackle the most often asked question I receive, "How do you find your clients/work". It breaks down to the following pieces:


Understanding your Revenue Streams - Creating your own sub-niche
Marketing / Market Positioning / Market Perception - Making a name for yourself in the marketplace and how!
Sales / Negotiation - Ensuring you maximize your sales potential from each transaction
Balancing the Budget - Managing the financial equation
Reinventing Yourself - Keeping inspired and staying creative

We'll also tackle:

Professional Photography Workflow - What happens after the shoot? How do you manage your images?
Managing Difficult People - Strategies for dealing with douchebags.
Image Review and Critique - One of the weakest points of amateur turned professional photographers; selecting the right image.


We'll spend a day shooting and retouching and examining the elements from a "live" shoot. Wardrobe and makeup will be a factor. We'll also focus on model/photographer interaction and how to elicit the best responses to create powerful images.

This is just a rough outline of the topics that we'll cover! Stay tuned :)

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