Thursday, April 14, 2011

Impress Me

I get lots of messages/emails/etc. so here's a short list (though not exhaustive) list of things that impress me when I receive a message:

1. When you address me by my name e.g. Dear Charles, Dear Mr. Lucima, etc. You get docked points for just writing, "Hi," and then going into your message. Wanna know why? Because that
screams "I don't know or care what your name is and I copied and pasted this entire message including the header from another message"

2. Big bonus points for knowing my real last name. But not longer since I am publicly announcing this here.

3. Proper grammar and spelling. I pride myself on my edumacashun and beeing abel to spel gud.

4. Well organized thoughts. Who doesn't? LOL :)

5. Sharing personal experiences. Messages that allow me to connect with you on some level are much more personal than, "Hey, can I ask you how you lit this picture?" I mean, you can still ask that question but it's a lot nicer for me to get to know you first before you ask me questions.

6. Sharing how I've affected your journey and life.

7. Showing you're a long-time avid follower/reader of either the blog or flickr.

8. Knowing that my other sites exist.

9. Words of encouragement.

Here's something I got in the mail at the studio that REALLY impressed me :) Now
this is creative!


  1. Dear Charles Lucima, Great post as always!

  2. Dear Charles Leh,

    I may not be as awesome as that photo assistant... but great post :)


  3. Yo Wha'd Up, Charles!

    Whoever sent this image was pretty creative, especially putting in the color swatches :)

    I can't wait to see your pictures from Vegas. That looks like a fantastic location to shoot, and it looks like you're going to have a ball.

  4. LOL! :)

    It was a great time. I'm just looking at some of the images now... thanks Tommy!