Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can't believe I'm going to Vegas in 2 days...

Admittedly I haven't finished my presentations. I plan on finishing them up tomorrow though.

We're sitting 2 days out from Las Vegas.

Part of the reason I've been delaying the end of the presentation is because there are lots of little things happening lately. I've been testing again which is nice since I hadn't been testing for over a month or so.

One of the main reasons I've been delaying the presentations is because I feel like a lot of ideas have come together that needed time to brew in the pot before I put them together in the presentation. I have a much different (probably matured) take on shooting fashion/editorial than I did before and those experiences needed time to cook before consumption.

Overall I'm really excited. Things will really ramp up quickly tomorrow and Friday and by the time Saturday hits we'll be running full stride. Everything's in motion and tomorrow we'll solidify the remaining moving pieces. Hope to document the entire event with pictures and some video.

Weather looks to cooperate with us. It'll be nearly 90's in Las Vegas this weekend.

Imagine that :)

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