Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working with Modeling Agencies Workshop January 22-23, 2011

Jana from LA Models.

No better way to kick off January than with an awesome workshop! This will be an extension of my first workshop but if you missed it, have no fear we are going to review and rework a lot of the setups and topics.

In recent months, I've been asked a lot about
shooting agency models, how to approach agencies, what the agencies look for, how do I know if I'm ready?

WIth all these questions, I figured we could answer all these questions and more in one fell swoop. So here's the
Working with Modeling Agencies Workshop hosted by yours truly on January 22-23, 2011!

-If you're still building your portfolio and trying to get your foot in the door with agencies (particularly in the competitive LA environment), this workshop is for you.
-If you're trying to improve your existing body of work, this workshop is for you.
-If you're trying to build a paid-relationship with agencies, this workshop is also for you.
-If you don't care about improving your port or working with modeling agencies, then this workshop is not for you.

Without further adieu here are the topics we'll cover:

-What agencies are looking for in a photographer and a portfolio.
-How to approach agencies
-Portfolio review
-Creating the "agency look" in capture (natural light and strobes)
-Creating the "agency look" in post
-Photographer/agency/model interaction

This will be a two-day event that will feature insight from agency models and will highlight many of the lighting setups and post-processing techniques that I employ for my own work.

General notes:

-Since good models are paramount to getting "the shot" we'll provide
experienced agency-represented models for the workshop.

-Photographers will be
learning/shooting on-the-fly. I'm not a fan of lectures but rather a constant dialogue and sharing of knowledge. That also means, you're not paying to watch me shoot... you'll be doing most of the shooting!

-One of the things I enjoy most is keeping the workshop small for more
one-on-one attention. I will cap the attendance at 10-12.

time with models is critical to the learning process. At the workshop you'll have plenty of time to work with models. There will be at most 2-3 photographers per model.

-You'll be shooting with all the studio gear including the AlienBees system with all the light modifiers and the RadioPopper JrX system. Studio is privately owned, indoors with A/C and heat, plenty of white wall space and portable set walls/props, and plenty of parking.

-Lunch is included for both days.

Cost $395 for one day // $695 for both days. Register by Christmas for 20% off! Payment in-full is required prior to workshop. Please message/email me for registration.

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