Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quotes from "The Man Who Shot the Sixties"

Interviewer: When you take a picture like that, do you know that you've captured something great?

Duffy: No, no not great, I know that I've done a very competent job, up to the standard of which I would want to work. But you can't tell how it will be responded to. To me, it was competent. Very competent. But I wouldn't take it much beyond that.

I think he was a terrific problem solver. I think he loved the technical challenge of having to fulfill a brief. Of bringing a great many skills together to make a picture that would satisfy the professional brief, work on the page, fulfill the client's expectations.

Interviewer: Why did you never have a show before?

Duffy: I never thought of it. I never wanted it. I just thought a photograph was almost immediate. Had immediate use. You know, the next day that whole thing is wrapped in your fish and chips in it. Art photography is a very very modern idea. Look at that plug I'm looking at, and it's so isolated there. And I think it's... It it's really rather pleasant looking. Now is that a work of art? That M.K. plug? It is... if you say it is. Never trust any artist ever telling you any bloody thing, they're all a bunch of liars. Artists, absolutely on any subject are always talking drivel. Why? Because the work, is the statement. Right?

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