Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I'm here...

I'm here primarily because of my hero David Hobby. It simply seems that most of the photographers have blogger accounts rather than tumblr accounts. Actually it was seeing Ender Nygen's work here on blogger that ultimately really pushed me over the edge to create a blogger account. In addition, my tumblr account has gotten quite imbalanced with the number of photography posts I've been making recently and unfortunately (for me) no one over there seems to care! There simply doesn't seem to be the same draw (I'm guessing the tumblr demographics are different, probably younger and more emo). Ultimately I decided that my photography deserved its own account/blog.

I'm here because I want to document my journey into photography. We're actually picking this up midstream because there are plenty of posts over on my tumblr account with photoshoots and what not. Things have been moving rather quickly over the last few months and I have not done a good job of documenting that which I have learned, the thoughts that I've had regarding shoots, the mentality, the proceses, etc. These things are important to me because they affect my work and how I think about things and as they change, I change as does my work.

Speaking of work. I'm here because I want to put down in words how this all came about. How this became my work. How I at 30 years of age walked away from a life of corporate empires and created something of my own for myself. Something that I probably should have done long ago. It's a journey of self-discovery however trite that might sound because there are roots here that I'm tapping that I haven't touched since I was 5 years old and sketching (rather poorly I might add) on paper. I'm old enough to know myself better now and I suppose the first 30 years were just figuring out who I am... now I'd like to see that knowledge applied in a useful manner.

The road is not easy. It will never be easy. But I'd like to put these thoughts down here and share with you the challenges, accomplishments, thoughts and feelings of a photographer's journey...


  1. I feel exactly the same way- about being 30 and finally figuring out who I really am. Totally awesome. love your work & passion, buddy. :)

  2. You are awesome Karen, perhaps one day we'll collaborate on a shoot ;P I've been keeping up with your stuff on FB :)