Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amber McNeil

This is pretty much a direct rip from my Flickr picture description...

If Adriana Lima and Jennifer Love Hewitt had a baby, she would be Amber McNeil.

I was flipping through yesterday's shoot looking for unusable shots and when I saw this one, I was compelled to drop what I was doing and post-process it. This one knocked my socks off.

Strobist info: Lighting-wise this was pretty simple. The obvious things are the hairlight and background light. The hairlight was a SB-800 with an Lumiquest SBIII attached to it on a boom at about 45 degrees behind the model (directly in front of the camera). The BG light was also on a boom, a SB-26 shining bare light onto a black BG to provide separation. The main light was an AB800 with an AB Beauty Dish gridded (I think). God I love the AB800 with the gridded beauty dish. More on this later. This was actually cross-lit because opposing the AB800 was an SB600 or SB800 hitting the model's hair and left shoulder (from camera front right). The AB800 as you can probably guess came from camera left.

Lots of little things done via post-process but nothing that really changed the constitution of the picture. Little things like dodge and burn, levels, curves, color balance, saturation, gaussian blurs, etc. Little bit of clarity and vignetting processed in Lr. I purposely processed this a little dark because things on my Mac that look well lit wind up looking too bright on PCs. Let me know if this is a mistake...

Camera info: 1/200th f/9.0 ISO200 shot with a Nikon D3 and 24-70mm f/2.8G lens. Triggered with Gadget Infinity V4's and SB-800/SB-26 built-in slaves

There's actually so much more to say about this shot but I'm going to save some for later because I'm still figuring out how to set up this blog. Stay tuned!

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