Wednesday, December 23, 2015

L U C I M A | Podcast | Special Guest Dr. Raj

On this podcast we have Dr. Raj, high profile Beverly Hills Orthopedic Surgeon (with emphasis on arthritis).
As one of the Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles CA, Dr. Raj provides the ultimate in state-of -the-art quality orthopedic care available and is always on the cutting edge of the latest surgical and nonsurgical technologies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, stem cell injections for tendonitis and arthritis, minimally invasive surgery and more.
Dr. Raj is also a TV/media/press expert personality, and ABC News Medical Consultant.
In this podcast we talk to Dr. Raj about stem cell therapy, performance enhancing drugs, Kobe Bryant, Charles Lucima's torn ATFL (anterior talofibular ligament), football/baseball/MMA, and more. Being an athlete himself Dr. Raj breaks down complex injuries with the athletes and sports that we love and lays it out in a way we can all understand. Enjoy!
Learn more about Charles and his latest projects here:

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