Thursday, August 20, 2015

L U C I M A | Podcast | Educator versus Dream Killer (Part II)

Some people have it and some people don't. Should you encourage those who obviously don't have it to pursue a dream that might lead to their ultimate demise? We live in a culture where we tell people to "follow their dreams" but is it responsible for an educator to encourage a student to chase a ghost when he/she knows the student could find greater success and subsequent happiness elsewhere?

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  1. This is the conversation that I was telling a friend of mine who I assisted for a couple of years. He assisted Dewey Nick's etc. Photography is a mindset. Takes years to get your head around it. I would love to tell stories on shooting and assisting (great stories) Like when you have to shoot Alba in 15 minutes. With touch ups 12 minutes and it's timed. Taking beautiful photos and commercial photography are two different worlds. When you get paid. You get paid well. But you know better know what the f#$k your doing.