Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Q/A Location Workshop versus Business Workshop

Desert Black

Q: I like the topics covered in your business workshop. But I would like to do a private location workshop (with the Desert Black photo). My question is, can we combine the topics from the business workshop with the material from the location workshop? Or would this be too much?

A: I designed the 9-hour (DESERT BLACK) location private workshop to alleviate all fears of shooting outdoors. Whether it's with the sun or against the sun, with or without reflectors, with or without strobes, cloudy or sunny, we cover the fundamentals of shooting outdoors so you can confidently shoots on location on your own.

Some of these concepts include recognizing your source of light and what it does for your shot. Where and what is your main light? What angles does the main light come in and what lighting patterns are we presented with? Is the light source sensitive to fall off with increased distance? Does it cast colors? Does it produce a specular highlight or a diffuse highlight or is it just fill?

These are just a few of the considerations when shooting outdoors. And while they seem many and daunting, I teach you to "see the light" in this workshop.

I've probably said this before somewhere on my blog, but good fundamental knowledge of studio lighting facilitates managing complex lighting scenarios outdoors. It's good that you worked in a studio for 3 years. Because seeing what light does to your subject dictates the usage of fill and flags (black). Of course the challenge is that you can not always modify the light setup on location... but you can always moderate it.

A typical location workshop involves us staging nearby either in a parked car or at a covered location (hotel, studio, etc.). While the MUA, stylist and model prep makeup and wardrobe, you and I would discuss concept and then scout potential locations and then (if necessary) setup to shoot. On top of that, we would cover the fundamentals mentioned above. Location workshops are not very conducive to covering business workshop material. There is so much going on with location shoots that it would be distracting to discuss business strategy, websites and social media. Location workshops demand all our attention, all the time. Contrary to what one might think, there is little to no downtime. Plus we have to consider the time spent getting to and from the location(s).

In conclusion, I wouldn't try and cover business topics at a location workshop. While it's possible, I wouldn't recommend it because you wouldn't get 100% of the experience of learning how to light on location. I would highly recommend you separate the two workshops. The business workshop would ideally be done at my studio (or online if necessary) so we can hunker down and review your current website, strategies, marketing material, etc.

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