Monday, September 3, 2012

Things I like about Photoshop CS6

CS6 in action

Lens correction and adaptive wide angle (filters) - Since getting the NEX-7 I've noticed that I've been shooting in the wide side of things which introduces lots of perspective distortion resulting from wider angles. The adaptive wide angle tool was what got me to test out CS6 in the first place. The Lens correction tool is also very handy and powerful. Two thumbs up for two great tools.

Saving in the background - While it still takes a long time to save my files, at least I can do other stuff while the files are saving. I'm happy. Though overall it feels like the save might be even slower than before? Just when you thought it couldn't get any slower...

More control with Liquify - They've added greater range for brush size (though this scrunches the smaller diameters which makes it hard for me to get something smaller without overshooting it tremendously on the slider). But the diameter slider is much more sensitive and I'm no longer pushing against 0 as a starting point for some of the selections. As an avid fan of Liquify, I like how they've given me more control. I feel like I could have more precision with these tools.

The crop tool is nice but nothing new since I've had this with Lr for ages. It's about goddamn time they put it in CS6.

Density slider on masks. Haven't used the feather slider just yet though.

What am I not happy about? It's slow. Ugh. Since CS5 it's been slow. Now CS6 is even slower. I miss the snappy responsiveness of CS4. But this is the way of the future unfortunately. So it's take it or leave it.


  1. Agreed, it has gotten much slower and although I use bridge for uploading, browsing,CR adjustments and organization; I find that mini bridge is unbearably slow to navigate with. Unfortunately it seems to be the only way to get a thumbnail preview of PSDs before opening. It seems adobe removed the thumbs from the Open dialog box.

    I have a question as well. You mentioned it takes a long time to save your files, how large is the average finalized file for you?

  2. Depends which camera I use. I think average 300MB. Layered TIFFs. I compress on save too to save some space.