Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is probably the last of my reports regarding changing web hosting services. If you search "JustHost" on my blog, you'll find a few other posts regarding my experiences with them and why I had to switch...

This above screenshot is the uptime as documented by for approximately the last month. You'll see a few downward spikes here and there. The first drop was the transition from to InMotionHosting. The second downward spike was a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. If you guys were around when IRC was the thing, it's basically the same as "flooding" a user (or in this case a web hosting server). Attacks can be random yet InMotion resolved it within about 24 hours.

Additionally my WordPress account has been hacked once since signing up (twice within the last 3-4 months). Can't really explain the security breach but I've done what I can to plug the holes. I don't think it was anything to do with InMotion. Yet technical support at InMotion was able to help me resolve the issue within 10 minutes. This involved detailed knowledge of WordPress databasing that I would not expect InMotion technical staff to possess. Yet, Scott M. from InMotion helped me fix the issue immediately. I was very impressed and I'm not easily impressed.

So basically it's all true. All the glowing reviews about InMotion's superb customer care and uptime is warranted. I had many to choose from and I'm very happy to say it's been "so far so good"!

So cheers to InMotion's uptime, technical support, and always having an answer when I've called/emailed/messaged! Let's have many more years of this kind of web hosting service!


  1. You should checkout to ward off against DDoS, it's free too and does some other pretty incredible stuff like act as a CDN.

    1. Will do Chris! But according to what they told me, it sounded like the DDoS was against the entire server...