Friday, February 24, 2012 THE END

I actually never sent that last message. Instead I said, "Of course, thanks." and closed the window. No point tempting fate. No point giving a reason to sabotage my website further. Besides, they still hold my domain registration on so I'll have to move that to a GoDaddy or NetworkSolutions or something.

While I'm here, I would like to say good things about for their detailed statistics with uptime and response time for any given website. You can automatically have them ping your website at 1 minute intervals and create logs for that data.

Another website I find useful is because they can ping your website from all over the world. What's cool is it shows the IP address of your website so if you're in the middle of changing DNS, you can find out whether or not the new server names have propagated into the registries (see below).

As we speak the DNS have propagated mostly and I'm pulling in over 2,700 emails from since my mail now thinks that these are all new messages (messages from the last 3 years). I'll just mark them all as read when they come in since they are all old.

Of course if your website is working properly you won't need these resources. If your domain server is consistent and the website is optimized to respond quickly you'll never have to check pingdom or just-ping or migrate to another host. For what it's worth this was a relatively (knock on wood since it's not completely done) painless process. I just need to make sure that I don't lose the domain to in the long-run.

Before (on

After (on

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