Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Way People Respond

This is in response to the feedback I've been getting on ModelMayhem's EDU section. A while back I wrote a blog post about "Blondes do have more fun... in B&W"

My wife manages my MM account these days so I get updates from her frequently about stuff I should know about. Apparently my latest EDU post on MM has created quite the stir!

As background information, I've been working with an MM administrator to publish some of my blog posts. All of them have been aired here before being published there. So if you're reading it here, it's the latest and greatest. They are reposts over at MM.

The fact is that these posts are screened and sometimes edited for "public consumption"... meaning that this particular MM administrator approves all posts before publishing them on the MM EDU section... including the one in question.

Now, admittedly I haven't read the responses over there. And I'm not going to. What I have done is reread my original post. And of the many posts that I have, this one is one of the least inflammatory post in my recollection. So based upon my wife's feedback it surprises me how some people respond to this stuff.

And if the post were truly racist, I'm sure the moderator would not put it on EDU.

But seriously, y'all need to take a chill pill and take things for face value and not look for underlying messages (that don't exist). Same goes for people who read this blog. I keep a comments section here because I think like to see how people respond to the posts, but if y'all are just going to take things out of context and argue about nothing then either I'm going to delete your post or just take down the commenting function. You come here and read my blog. You don't have to be here. Especially if you're going to hate. I don't walk past your house and leave hate-mail in your mailbox regarding your lawn fixtures and garden gnomes. Just mosey on by... nothing to see :)

Now for those of you who are tried-and-true followers that have been here for a long time, I'm sorry that I haven't posted more often. You know I've been busy and I know that's hardly an excuse. Things move at a faster pace than I can honestly keep up with and these days I'm barely doing any personal projects of my own because of the work. I invite you to add me on Facebook or join the L U C I M A Workshop page on Facebook to see some of my latest work/events. Hope you all are well! Cheers!

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