Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winds of Change

5 posts in June.

That's pitiful. Really.

But if you've been following me on flickr (click any of the images on the photostream above) you'll see that I've been

A better way to describe how I feel is

Things are changing around here and the LUCIMA brand as well as the studio is incorporating new pieces to expand
our ability to be recognized as a photography powerhouse (for lack of a better expression). Lots of moving parts and modularity allows for me to think of the LUCIMA brand as a machine that is constantly being upgraded to perform well, better.

And of course as all of this happens I'm bound to experience to growing pains. It's been stressful sitting in front of the computer because it seems like I can't make a dent in the workload. I finally had a chance to write down all the things I have on my plate and I had to categorize the items on the list because without breaking things down the list began looking unusually long and extensive.

As things reveal themselves to me, I expect to reveal them to... in due time ;)

I sometimes wonder whether it's a matter of perspective. Perhaps things are a lot more comfortable than I think it's just that I choose to my circumstance as uncomfortable and challenging. Whether or not that's true, the reality remains that I'm having trouble falling asleep which is for me always an indication of higher levels of stress.

I sure miss Hawaii right about now :)

And while this is totally beside the point, I've decided to run the 2012 New York City Ironman Triathlon. I figured, my life wasn't nearly complicated and challenging enough so I really ought to do more. Yay me. Hooray for intelligent decision making.


  1. Maybe it is time to start outsourcing some of your retouching?

  2. maybe it's time to start outsourcing some of your workouts.