Friday, February 18, 2011

Scalable Storage and Backup II

Here's the follow-up to
this post.

The above screen capture is from my disk utility program. It lists all of the disks and partitions that exist when my MBP 6.2 is docked at the desk. I've opted to sell the Drobo and go with the 4.5TB OWC Qx2 RAID-5 unit as my primary storage. This unit is responsible for the following 3 partitions:

Boot Clone
Scratch Clone
Media Archive

The Boot Clone and Scratch Clone are of course clones of my Boot SSD and my Scratch SSD. Just in case I lose my computer or it blows up, I'll be able to be up and running shortly with minimal loss since I have clones of my internal disks. I also have a Time Machine unit backing up my Boot and Scratch drives for, "Oops I didn't mean to delete that file and then empty the Trash" situations.

Of course if my entire house blows up (MBP with the 4.5TB OWC unit), and assuming I'm still alive, it'd be a good measure to have a backup of the entire OWC Qx2 drive off-site. Which is exactly what the 3TB Mercury Elite
are for. I say "are" because I have 2 of these puppies. One sits here and the other sits in an undisclosed location in the event my house blows up and I lose everything. I rotate these disks a couple times a week so I keep them both updated. They're never at the same place at the same time. Theoretically they're not supposed to be at least :) Otherwise, so much for redundancy.

So there you have it. My entire backup plan and scalable storage solution. Scalable because I can always remove the drives and stick in bigger/fatter drives :)


  1. Hey man... I'm curious. Because I've been eyeballing a Drobo system. (My girlfriend just seems to have fallen into the "Toddlers in Tiara" realm, and she is shooting A-LOT as well). Not sure about the Drobo vs. G|Speed system.

  2. Speed? This should tell you all you need to know about speed:

    That being said, the Drobo was an anchor in reliability. I never had it throw a fault light or have anything go wrong with it during my entire usage.