Thursday, April 15, 2010

Improvements to Technological Infrastructure

Being a photographer means more than just clicking a button. I know how paramount it is to have a working library to house all of my images. As a result I've made it a point to improve the technological infrastructure that I have working for me:
  • A faster Internet connection. As of yesterday I replaced our 8 year old cable modem. As of last week I upgraded our Internet connection from 3Mb/s download and 256Kb/s upload to 10Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload. Actual tests come in around 9Mb/s down and .7Mb/s up.
  • External library. I house all my pictures on my MacBook 5.1's 500GB hard drive. But I'm finding that I have to delete stuff to make room for new pictures so I have enough virtual memory. I'm now in the process of moving my Lightroom library to a larger external library (3Tb). I'll keep the recent shoots on the computer but archive the finished shoots off-computer. I'll be backing up both this library as well as the HD on the computer.
  • More processing power . The MacBook 5.1 is a great computer. Even at 4GB DDR3 1066MHz and 2.4GHz Dual Core. It still starts to chug when rendering Lr previews and certain blurs in Photoshop. I'm custom ordering a MacBook Pro with i7, 8GB DDR3, and 256GB SSD, . Should be at least a little faster.
  • iPad. I'm not real sure how this thing plays into the whole infrastructure but I'm finding that it's a hugely convenient way to show pictures when I'm at the studio without bringing people to the computer. I'll be uploading pictures into iPhoto soon.
Hopefully I'll have updates soon...


  1. Totally agree with You Charles about Internet, Today I switched to 100Mbps down, 79Mbps up. :)

    Do you backup your pictures on DVD?

  2. Charles, check out the ioSafe as well. Here it is at Costco:

    Welcome back, by the way. How was the trip and workshop?